Can We Replace Computers With Teachers Debate?


Due to technological advancement, computer vs. teachers has been a topic of debate since the last few years. The number of people who have switched from classroom mode of training to e- courses have increased dramatically. E-learning courses provide you the comfort, and exposure to top lecturers, that is not possible with a classroom-based teaching.

Can We Replace Computers With Teachers Debate?

The range of technology used in the classroom has drastically increased. Smartboards, computers and digital textbooks have become the most preferred tools of learning among people. But it is the time to figure out the future of this sustained growth in education. Will computers replace teachers? This article focusses on this issue and gives you a clarity of what students think about it.

For: Yes We Can Replace Computers With Teachers

Can get repetitive explanation

Everyone has their own ability to grasp things. Where one student can understand the matter in such one explanation, a slow learner needs two to three times to get an explanation. Often such students hesitate to ask repeated explanation on a topic in the classroom. They find e-learning far better than classroom learning as they do not fear of getting scold by the teacher. It helps them to get a good understanding about the subject.

This helps in scoring good scores without any guilt or shame of being a slow person in the class. He does not have any fear of reading the answer again and again to get more clarity of it.

Can take test without any fear of getting failed

Tests are a way for a student to assess his preparation in a particular subject. When the teacher hands over the copy while telling the scores, it often puts a student in guilt of his low marks. This problem is mostly faced by not so good performers in the classroom. Taking online tests is an easy way to remove such guilt. A student can prepare and take these tests at their own comfort without any scolding for low marks and becoming a fun among other scholars in the class. If he doesn’t get good scores, then he can do more practice and perform better next time.

Faster learning

It has been seen that electronic media has become very popular among students. In the world of smartphones, laptops, smartboards etc. they find classroom teaching boring and uninteresting. Children are quick to learn something that interests us. Due to their fondness towards these smart devices, they like to learn using these systems. It makes their learning faster and better. With improved and innovative technological systems, they find learning quite easier and interesting.

Against: Teacher cannot replace the teachers

Computer doesn’t have the answer to every question

There are several things that you find hard learning online. The way a teacher can give you step by step explanation in the classroom is hard to find it while pursuing an online course. Teachers have the ability to find out what their students are finding hard. They make the explanation simpler for the students to better understand the problem.

Personalized teaching

Another important benefit of classroom teaching is that teachers provide personalized attention to learning. They keep note of each and every student in the class and keep them conscious. Teachers are not going to simply handout learning materials to students, like that computers do. They are more of a leader, facilitators, mentors, and guide.

They motivate students at the time of facing challenges in studies. Teachers acts as a source of motivation to students and help them reach the goal. To many, they serve as the role models of their life who sets an example to us and lead their career and life in the right direction. A computer can only give us information, whereas a teacher supports you and takes care of each and every concern to get you to the success.

Saves you from eye strain

Looking at the computer for a long time causes strain on our eyes. It can even diminish the vision of a person. This is not in the case of a classroom teaching.


Technology has incredibly evolved in the past few years, and will continue like this in later years too. However, it can’t take the place of a teacher. Technology has undoubtedly played a remarkable role in shaping the future of education, but not as bigger than a teacher. The personalized attention that they give is hard to be found in e-learning ways. Teachers have always been the first source of information and will continue to serve this noble contribution in future as well.

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